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A balanced home is easier to sell. Decorate with awareness.

By nature many home improvements are personal. That is why we can say, “This is my home.” However there is a balance between making your home personally comfortable and realizing one day you will sell your home.

Not all home improvement projects are equal. Certain projects add 100%+ value to your home- like adding additional livable square footage; while other home improvements may not be worth the expense of doing the project and the big bugaboo are those projects that will actually make your home sell for less.

The following is a short list of these projects, major and minor, that will devalue your home:


If you live in a 3 bedroom home never swallow the second or third bedroom to create a larger Master bedroom, this is a very costly mistake. A lower bedroom count is a true impediment for a home seller. Home buyers are more concerned about the total number of bedrooms a home offers and then the size of each room.


Have you ever heard a real estate agent say the home is complete with no garage? Probably not because a garage completes a home. Most homeowners (especially in the suburbs) have a car and want to secure their car indoors either in an attached or detached garage. The idea of commandeering garage space and converting it to livable space is foolhardy and not cost-effective. If you want to enlarge a home’s useable area consider finishing a basement or build additional square footage from scratch.


Never paint Betty Boop or a rich dark color on a wall or wall paper a room.  The easiest way to add accent to a room is to hang it- either a picture or a sculpture. Be aware- whatever you do to decorate a room make sure it can be easily undone before you sell.

Your home is your castle today, but tomorrow it will be somebody else’s. Create, design and decorate a balanced home. It will be easier to sell.

What Happens Down Under : Will Stay Down Under

Rupert Murdoch’s (News Corp) recent acquisition of Move, Inc. will continue to support the Realtor with progressively more improved service and tools. It’s Murdoch’s belief that the real estate agent is crucial to every home sale in America. He further claims consumers who begin their real estate search online eventually need the human touch and guidance of a real estate professional. It’s Murdoch’s vision that will help bring home buyers, sellers and agents together again. will push hard to compete for Zillow’s consumer eyeballs. It is the accuracy of’s listings that will redefine where home buyers and sellers will start and end their online search. Murdoch recognizes consumers may start their search with Zillow, but they conclude their transaction with a Realtor.

Seemingly, Rupert Murdoch wants to cut out the listing middleman (Zillow), streamline the transaction process and smother Zillow with its own data point pillow.

Employment Opportunity : Exclusive Real Estate Buyer Agent

Shortly the spring real estate market will be upon us.
Are you ready?
Are you confident you are working with a Broker that truly cares about your success and your clients?

InMan News suggests real estate agents need to ask themselves these simple questions:

  • “Am I happy?”
  • “Am I paying too much to my broker?”
  • “Am I getting what I deserve?”
  • “Am I controlling my professional destiny?”
  • “Am I a part of something significant?”
  • “Do I have a competitive edge?”
  • “Will my business survive and prosper as technology advances?”
  • “Do I need a change?”

Are you looking for a fresh opportunity?

Check out 2Way Realty.

Are YOU a designated ABR?  (not necessary, but helpful)
Are YOU interested in servicing only real estate home buyers?
Are YOU looking for a profitable change; a new office to hang your license?

YOU are a qualified 2Way Realty buyer/selling agent, if you enjoy:

  • Educating home buyers regarding current target market and financial conditions,
  • Evaluating and presenting property information to a home buyer,
  • Realizing satisfaction as the advisor/advocate for a home buyer,
  • Working exclusively with home buyers.

2Way Realty OFFERS YOU:

  • Starting Splits of 85% and Benchmark Splits up to 95%
            EXAMPLE:  Home Sales Price $400,000 @ 2.5% commission = $10,000. 
                                At minimum YOU keep 85% or $8,500.
  • No Transaction Fees
  • No Franchise Fees
  • and Market Leads

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