Home Seller’s: What to Look For in a Real Estate Agent


What to Look For in a Real Estate Agent

To start, not all real estate agents operate equally. An effective real estate agent must be passionate, persistent, knowledgeable and work full time. An agents #1 goal is to meet the seller’s expectation by taking the time to understand the seller’s needs. The agent must sell a home timely, at the right price and with little burden to the homeowner as possible. To this end the following qualities are universally demonstrated by successful real estate agents and demanded by home sellers.


According to a current survey by Qazoo.com and reported by the National Real Estate Post, the #1 complaint from consumers about a real estate agent is their lack of communication skills. A real estate agent must be balanced. They must be a good listener and a good teacher. As important, a real estate agent must be responsive. At your first meeting the real estate agent should inquire how you best like to communicate- by telephone, email, text or other.


                Honesty is the best policy and it helps to keep life simple. The truth will always be revealed. Honesty is about being transparent sharing the truth no matter the cost.  Sadly, at times the truth is stretched or not shared because a real estate agent hopes to protect their self- interest or the seller’s feelings. For example, a real estate agent will advise a seller their home is worth more than the market will bear. The agent does this to either secure the listing (self-interest) or to not upset the seller. Either way ultimately the seller loses as their home will linger on the market for too long and inevitably sell for a reduced price.


                A real estate agent needs to have a strong understanding of market dynamics and people. Your real estate agent must help you identify your needs to successfully navigate the selling process for your advantage. It is imperative that your agent knows how to handle the challenges that will arise when selling a home, for example, how to work with a demanding buyer or the consequence of not disclosing known impediments.

Once you are confident a prospective real estate agent embodies the above qualities make sure to inquire about a sales and marketing system. Studies confirm home sellers want to work with real estate agents that apply a comprehensive system to sell a home.


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